Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020

It’s that time of year again – the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale! The annual savings event where brand-new arrivals are offered at discounted prices! I recently took a look at all the items in their Anniversary Sale and came up with a list of some must-have items. If you’d like to see the full list, you can view them here. Make sure to start saving the items you’re interested in to a wish list so you can access them easily!

Mark your calendars, because the sale is only a few days away! Cardholders will get a head start with access starting the 4th. But not to worry, the sale will be open to everyone starting the 19th!

I’ve combed through all the pages, and below are some items that I think will be worth picking up during the sale. I’ve broken them down to hair & beauty, women’s fashion, and men’s fashion. Each picture links directly to the item for easier access!

Hair & Beauty:



Hope you found this useful! I know a lot of these items, I have been eyeing for awhile, so I thought you might like them too!

Happy shopping! 🙂

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Small Apartment Decor

I’ve recently been redecorating our apartment the last few months (since we’re working from home until 2021), and I’ve found rearranging and curating our space to be super therapeutic.

My boyfriend and I moved into this apartment a little over a year ago, and at first, we were using old furniture from college. But now that we both work full time jobs and have some amount of financial stability, we decided we had a little bit of wiggle room to upgrade some of our hand me downs. Our ideal in-between is pieces that we’ll cherish for longer, but are still reasonable in price.

If you’re interested, check out the links below for some of the bigger pieces in my picture from above. Plants are bought from either Fractal Flora or Leafy.

If you’re interested in an item that wasn’t listed, message me directly! 🙂

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