NorCal Night Market

This past weekend was the first ever NorCal Night Market. From the creators of 626 and OC Night Market (from LA), it was a 3 day event which lasted until 11PM each day! It was held at the Alameda Fairgrounds in Pleasanton. Parking is $10 per car, and entrance fee is $5 per person. Lots of local vendors, such as artists, food trucks, and clothing companies, had a space to showcase their craft.

Some examples of food vendors were:

•A takoyaki truck (very long line! my boyfriend’s boss said it is just like Japan)

•Many different kinds of pearl milk tea

•A Hong Kong food truck


•Egg waffle with ice cream

Some examples of other vendors were:

•LED lined clear balloons ($10+ a pop but very cute)

•Local artists selling prints, shirts, and pins

•Stussy & UNDFTD sale section (although it just seemed like overstock from their warehouses)




We got there at around 7PM on the final day (Sunday), and were surprised to see that the crowd was nowhere near as large as Facebook had warned. We spent about 30 minutes perusing and weighing our options before settling on taiyaki ice cream from Uji Time. I got the classic Matcha and my boyfriend got the Black Sesame.

Although the scale is nowhere near how enormous I imagine 626 Night Market to be, I thought that the turnout was pretty decent for the first time. Like many others, I felt that the ground was uneven and dusty, which could both be considered hazardous. I also felt like the vendors could be a little more varied, as more than half were dessert or milk tea.

Either way, the first NorCal Night Market was a good time and I’m excited to watch it become bigger and better. They’ve already made huge adjustments for the next iteration of the event a month (September 28-30) from now.

*Some tips for those planning to attend!*
p.s. This post is dedicated to Martin 😛

  • Eat a little before going, the lines can get pretty long and could take up to 2 hours.
  • Bring cash! While most of the vendors may accept card, both parking and entry are cash only. They do have an ATM, but who wants to pay that transaction fee?
  • Wear comfortable shoes, the fairgrounds are spread out and you’ll be doing a lot of walking and standing.
  • If you’re planning to attend towards the end of the night, bring a jacket! It gets pretty cold after sundown.
  • Bring an external battery pack if you plan on being there more than a few hours.
  • Although signs say dogs are NOT allowed, I saw a lot of people bringing their pups without any problems!
  • Most importantly, have fun! 🙂


Hope to see you there!

Thanks for reading!
Michelle & Brendan





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Generation Beauty San Francisco


This year was my first time attending Generation Beauty. If you don’t know what Generation Beauty is, it is an event held by Ipsy where a lot of different brands have stalls where people are able to visit and learn about their products and purchase at a discounted price. The Ipsy teams decides which locations Gen Beauty is held, so it may be different each year.

It was such an amazing experience being able to attend the event. Not only do brands come out, but they also set up Meet & Greets for YouTubers! I am lucky to be a content creator for IpsyOS, so I was also invited to attend the cocktail party the night before. It was my first cocktail party ever and this is a social event for bloggers to get to know each other. Definitely a great way to mingle with each other since there were bloggers from all over! Not to mention you could potentially meet Michelle Phan (the creator) or one of the invited YouTubers.

Some tips for attending Gen Beauty in the future:

  • Going from vendor to vendor can be very stressful especially since the lines are long! I found that it can be extremely overwhelming, so make sure you take breaks! DON’T FORGET TO EAT!
  • You don’t have to visit every vendor on the first day! The brands are also there the second day!
  • Early Access is WORTH IT! If you have the option to add Early Access, DO IT! I purchased early access, and on the first day of the event, the line was CRAZY just to get in! Early access is when you get to go in 1 hour before everyone else and get to meet the brands first!
  • If you can register the day before, you should do that. The day of the event, the registration had an extremely long line, and people would go in to register and have to come back out because they didn’t have early access.
  • Bring snacks and water! You’ll be walking around a lot and may not have time or even want to go out to get food and water. I remember wanting to go to every brand, but I had to pull myself away because I was extremely hungry.
  • Wear comfortable shoes! You’ll be walking around and standing in line a lot!

These are just some tips that I thought would be useful! If you have any more, please comment below and share them with me! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


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