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I have been a longtime fan of Kewpie, and I am so excited that I was given the chance to partner with them. For those of you who might not know, Kewpie is a Japanese food product company, more recognizable for their iconic mayonnaise. Their mission is to contribute to the food culture and health of the world through, “great taste, empathy, and uniqueness.”

While they might be most well known for their mayonnaise, Kewpie also sells a deep-roasted sesame dressing. With a single bite, I was hit with nostalgia of a small cafe on a corner in San Jose.

I visited the Kewpie truck when they visited the Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton and had the opportunity to try all their delicious samples.

The truck was giving out four different samples. A deep-roasted sesame salad, a chicken skewer, an egg salad, and elote. The salad and chicken skewer are dressed with the deep-roasted sesame dressing. The taste of the dressing is very light, a little sweet but tangy. It actually goes well with anything! I’ve been looking for a good dressing for Chinese chicken salad, and this does not disappoint.

The elote and egg salad reminded me of my love for the Kewpie Mayo! I can’t explain how tasty and light this mayo is. It’s not like your traditional one where you can only have a little bit, the Kewpie Mayo is ADDICTIVE! I have never had elote that tasted so good! It was so flavorful and although there was only a drizzle of the mayo, that’s what made it so good. All the samples at the truck were honestly so good, and I’ve been craving it ever since!

My experience at the Kewpie Truck was amazing! The workers were extremely friendly and so enthusiastic about the product. The weather at the Alameda County Fair was brutal, but the workers kept a happy face on and made the experience memorable! It was also really great seeing the expressions from people stopping by who have never heard of or tasted the product before. There were positive responses and I definitely saw some purchases as well. As if I wasn’t excited enough, I was gifted a couple bottles to take home so I can try to recreate the dishes the truck had! The dressing and mayo is a MUST buy! You can purchase them at the official online website or on Amazon! These condiments are inexpensive and go great with anything!

Make sure you check out their Instagram page here to stay updated on where they’ll be next!

Thanks for letting me rave about why you need Kewpie in your life! If you’re in the area, I highly recommend making a trip to the Kewpie Truck so you can try their delicious samples (and pick up a few discounted bottles)! I promise you won’t regret it!

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  1. All of those samples look pretty good! I think I’d probably like the egg salad and the skewer the most.

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